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This is NOT for mobile phone users. This is ONLY for computer users. These are exact copies of Chicagovich III in both Apple Lossless in individual files and a zip file of WAV files of all the songs. They are NOT made to be played on a phone and there is a limit of 15 downloads. These are for those people that want the highest quality, that want their music exactly as Leonid created it. WARNING! These files are big.

It’s finally here! The latest installment from Leonid and Friends, featuring the timeless music of Chicago. This third CD features the songs that you’ve waited and asked for, all meticulously arranged by the master of music, Leonid Vorobyev and performed by some of the top musicians in Russia and the Ukraine. 

This collection of songs will have you singing and dancing in no time!

Song List

1 Introduction 6:35

2 Call on Me 4:13

3 Dialogue (Part 1) 2:57

4 Dialogue (Part 2) 3:33

5 Just You ‘n’ Me 3:45

6 Hanky Panky 1:53

7 Life Saver 4:33

8 Happy Man 4:54

9 (I’ve Been) Searchin’ so Long 4:31

10 Mongonucleosis 3:43


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