Bag, 2023 Ksenia Black Face

Suggested price: $40.00

Shopper Bag

  • 600 denier polyester
  • 50% recycled material
  • 28″  handles
  • 14.75″ x 13.75″
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Card, Ksenia Buzina

From: $10.00

This premium embossed photo card is the perfect present for a Ksenia Buzina supporter. It comes in two options;

  • Unsigned
  • Signed by Ksenia
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Event Club

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Fleece, Full Zip Ladies


This superb jacket is office-appropriate with its slub texture and thoughtful details. A brushed interior adds warmth while waist shaping makes for a flatering fit.

  • 9-ounce, 65/35 cotton/poly
  • Rib knit inside collar
  • Twill tape trim at neck
  • Front shoulder seaming with back yoke
  • Reverse coil zipper
  • Rib knit cuffs
  • Front pockets
  • Open hem
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iMediaTV Partner Subscription

Suggested price: $30.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

What is is a digital hub that supports delivering content, selling physical and virtual products, group memberships, and subscriptions to group memberships. The backend accounting functions facilitate vendor and client reconciliation.

Who can benefit from being on

Anyone that has something to sell or present. In the brick and mortar days would be considered; a store, a venue, a box office, a membership office.

How does it work?

It uses the concept of pages. Each page has its own universal resource locator (URL). Marketing materials have QR codes that direct people to these specific pages. Pages can be many different types; information, movie, video, audio, product, membership, subscription. Anything that can be created in HTML can be created here.


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Jersey, 2023 2 Sided Gold Days

$55.00 Select options

Mad Scientist Club

Suggested price: $5.00 / month

Established in 1968 in Chris Nibeck’s Chicken Coop, the Mad Scientist Club has practiced using science for fun since it’s inception!

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Meet & Greet

Suggested price: $50.00

This experience features both a photo opportunity with the band plus hanging out where they will sign items and chit chat.

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Photo Video Club

Suggested price: $5.00 for 1 month

The Photo Video Club has three main goals;

  1. Document events and collect the images and videos.
  2. Provide assistance in recording and broadcasting events.
  3. Investigate the feasibility of starting a Live TV Station.

We are running (and paying for) a server on Amazon Web Services.

Please check it out!

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Rollover Subscription

Suggested price: $20.00 / month

With this subscription you get all four CDs playable from your browser of choice Plus the Rollover film recorded at Blair Wagner’s house. Money received on this subscription will be used for recording, transportation, and promoting band events in the future. This will put you on our Donor list.  Thank you for supporting us!  You get to decide how much you will donate monthly.

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Shirt, 2023 T Ksenia Black “I Love You”

From: $40.00

This extremely comfortable “I Love You” shirt is inspired by the Carpenter’s “Superstar” song. It has Ksenia’s signature on the sleeve.

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Shirt, 2023 T Ksenia Face

From: $40.00

Extremely comfortable Ksenia designed shirt that you will love!

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Shirt, 2023 T Ksenia Peach “I Love You”

From: $40.00

This extremely comfortable peach colored shirt was inspired by the Carpenters album cover. It has Ksenia’s signature on the sleeve.

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Shirt, 2024 Cruise Boat


Get your Cruise Ship inspired garb!

Orders must be in by March 28, 2024 to have on the cruise!

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Shirt, 2024 Cruise Island


Get your Island inspired garb!

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Shirt, 2024 Cruise Wave


This Big Caribbean Wave signifies the fun of the beautiful blue water perfect for surfing, snorkeling and body surfing.

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Simple Sales AI

Suggested price: $20.00 / month

System for automating sales and education. This is a pipeline. Each Page, Product, Service, Subscription, Membership, etc. has it’s own URL like This is includes one page and URL with a QR code to take whomever directly to the page.

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Sweatshirt, 2023 Fall HOB


Warm, soft sweatshirt that you will love!

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Tumbler, 2023 Ksenia Face

Suggested price: $40.00

Hydration is very important! I am a hot drink lover (especially coffee). Here is a stainless steel tumbler to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot! Using this tumbler will also reduce the use of single use containers.

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Package, Food

Suggested price: $5.00

We will pool our resources to source great foods through premium culinary sources. Ron and Rich Onesti have both been great freinds over the years. We have worked on various projects. Ron is an amazing chef and I am pleased that you will be able to try some of his food.

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Coupon, 2 Pack

Suggested price: $20.00

Tickets can be used for food or drink items.

You will receive your tickets from will call.

You get to name your price.

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Download, Louie Zagoras and Rollover- No Place Like Home


Released in 2003.


1 Last Song Ever 4:08
2 No Place Like Home 3:53
3 Mockingbird Parade 5:09
4 Tell Me What’s Wrong 4:26
5 Snakebite 4:21
6 I Can See It All 4:58
7 Better And Better 6:20
8 Mud Daddy Delta 4:25
9 Startin’ All Over Again 4:18
10 I’ll Remember You 3:55
11 Loveland 3:58

Companies, etc.


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Placeholder Credentials Subscription

Suggested price: $20.00 / month

This is your “key” to locked events.  You will be issued a QR code graphic that when scanned will take the security guard to your page with your photo on it. You will also be enrolled in a mailing list that can be put in digest mode with a maximum of one email per day, possibly no emails if there is no activity on the list.

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Shirt, 2023 V Gold Days


The newest tour design is here in the classic woman’s fitted V neck. The design commemorates a Golden Oldie record album and the famous Chicago song “Old Days”. Available in black and white  in all adult sizes from extra small to 5X. These seem to run a size too small so please order the next bigger size. These are custom created on demand in Indianapolis, Indiana so please allow two weeks for delivery.

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