During 2018 210 Live from Highwood, IL (Judy Shatkin and Chris Nibeck) pursued bringing Leonid and Friends to the US and finally in January 2019 it happened. Leonid and Friends wanted to play in New York City first so 210 Live rented Sony Hall for their first US performance.

In the days before the show in New York the American Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) conference showcased bands to venues around the world. This is the biggest show of it’s kind in the world, promoters bring their bands to get bookings. There were well connected promoters that had their own Chicago tribute bands and they worked at sabotaging Leonid and Friends showcase performances. These confrontations cemented our friendship from the very beginning.

Judy Shatkin interviews the band at APAP
January 8, 2019 Backstage Interview at Sony Hall
January 19,20219- Live at 210 Live
Leonid and Friends on NBC Nightly News
Jun 12, 2019- Spinning Wheel
Sep 10, 2019- Call On Me
Oct 13, 2019- Dialog (Part 1 and 2)
Vehicle – (The Ides of March)
Mar 17, 2020- Happy Man
Apr 22, 2020- Leonid & Friends – The Making of “Chicagovich” (Part One)
(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long
Jul 17, 2020- East River
Oct 2, 2019- Got To Get You Into My Life
Aug 16, 2020- Stormbringer (Deep Purple)
Sep 14, 2020- Mongonucleosis
Leave Me Now –(Black Russian) feat. Ksenia Buzina
Dec 9, 2020- Just You ‘n’ Me
Dec 25, 2020- Holiday Concert Stream
Introduction to Introduction
Jan 31, 2021- Introduction
Leonid & Friends – The Speck of Dust
May 22, 2021- You’re the Inspiration
Jul 11, 2021- My Old School
Aug 21, 2021- After the Love Has Gone
Feb 19, 2022- Ain’t It Blue?
Apr 13, 2022- So Very Hard to Go

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