Leonid Vorobyev was born in Chita, Siberia in the former Soviet Union. Rock and Roll was illegal in those days. Groups of Russian Rock and Roll lovers would get together with their reel to reel tape recorders when one of them would get a new tape of the latest rock and roll album. They would connect their recorders to experience the latest in rock and roll.

In the early days these Russian Rock and Rollers had to make their own instruments. Leonid formed a band. There was no written rock and roll music in these days. Leonid had to score it all from the tapes. Leonid has been in music his entire life. He became a master at multi-track recording, mixing and mastering. He has helped many musicians in Russia over the years. On his 60th birthday he decided he wished to create a YouTube video calling in some of his friends that he had helped over the years. This was the start of Leonid and Friends. As Leonid would say “The rest is history!”

Leonid and Friends has over 100 Million views on YouTube. They have delighted and united people from around the world through their spot on renditions of Chicago music played as Chicago played them in the 60s and 70s.

This is the video that started it all!

Dec 31, 2014- Brand New Love Affair
Make Me Smile
Colour My World
Close My Eyes
Woman Don’t Want To Love Me
My harsh paradise – Leonid Vorobyov and Ksenia Buzina (Xenon)
What’s This World Coming To?
Wishing You Were Here – Chicago (Leonid & Friends ft. Ksenona)
Saturday In The Park
25 or 6 to 4
Hot Streets
Old Days
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Moscow Music Club
I’m A Man
This is Russia- A song about the motherland, as we would like to see it.
If You Leave Me Now
You Are On My Mind
Midlife Crisis
Questions 67 and 68
Hard to Say I’m Sorry/Get Away
Street Player
Dad can – Leonid & Friends congratulate Sergey Gennadyevich Popov on his birthday
Jul 13, 2018- Leonid & Friends feat. the US Ambassador to Russia Mr. Jon Huntsman on keys
Jul 29, 2018- Stay the Night
Sep 6, 2018- Feelin’ Stronger Every Day
Sep 21, 2018- September
You’ve Smiled at Me