Julie Anne Lovely Thompson presents:  

Home for the Holidays – a Christmas music celebration

Join this Christmas Songbird and her musical partners for a relaxed home-spun musical presentation of traditional Christmas songs and a few unusual songs. 

Julie Thompson, voice on all songs, sometimes on guitar

Duos with:

Doug Esty, guitar 

Cap Lee, banjo 

Keith Watling, guitar


JulieAnneLovelyThompson (FB)

“Julie Thompson is a fine singer and performer whose voice covers the waterfront:  you name it, she can sing it, from the classic tunes of the American Songbook through jazz and modern pop to folk music.  With a warm stage personality and superb musicianship, she is not to be missed if you get the chance.”  – Steve Butts, NYC, The Highwaymen

“Julie is a torch singer, a jazz swinger, a children’s favorite and a composer’s dream” – John Linscot, Jazz Composer, NC

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