Quick Start

What is iMediaTV.net?

How do I use iMediaTV.net?

iMediaTV.net is an online Multiplex Concert Hall and Movie Theater with many events happening all at the same time.

The steps to experience a concert or movie on iMediaTV.net are the same as going to a multiplex movie theater.

First go to the Theater. In physical life we drive, or walk, while in the virtual world we use a web browser. The web browser takes us to the Lobby (Home Page) where we can see everything that is playing.

We figure out what we are interested in. We may read the posters and find out more about each of the available experiences and then go to the box office to purchase our ticket.

When we are at the Box Office we may ask questions of the ticket seller; they may have things to tell us also. There may be options on the tickets. We make our decisions and purchase what we need.

After you have purchased your tickets you will receive an email with a link to the event you chose. Have fun! Enjoy!

Time to go to iMediaTV.net !

1. Use your browser to go to iMediaTV.net.

2. Choose your Theater/Concert Experience.

3. Select a ticket and pay for it.

4. Your email confirming your purchase will have a link to the event of your choice or you may select your event from the Lobby (Home Page).

Contact us!

If you have any problems at all please either email us at info@imediainc.net or FaceBook Messenger us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Thanks for being here!

Streaming Issues?

If you are having streaming issues there can be many different problems. We have over 200 delivery points around the world using the Amazon Content Delivery Network. In order to make the experience the best that it can be for you could you please send us a message with the time the problem occurred, the device that you were using, your location, and your current IP address. This will help you for all Amazon streaming that includes Netflix, and Amazon Prime. You can find your current IP address here.

This is what the response looks like…. we need the Public IPv4 address.

  • My Public IPv4 is: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  • My Public IPv6 is: Not Detected
  • Location: Northbrook, IL USĀ 
  • ISP: Imedia Inc

You would send us a message saying…. “Hi!” For some reason the streaming was not as good as it should be. Please get it fixed. My IP address is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, 8PM CDT, Northbrook, IL. Unnecessary stopping.

It will be interesting to see if your actual location matches what the internet thinks.

Mobile Devices that have connected to iMediaTV.net

This is a list of mobile phones that have used iMediaTV.net. (Google Doc)