Tickets to the Leonid & Friends Show!

We got 10% off on 30 tickets! Get your tickets before they are gone!

We have put together a set of packages where you can help us make everything happen.

Get together before the September 9, 2023 Leonid and Friends Concert at the Arcada, St. Charles, IL

Come join us before the Leonid and Friends concert at Studio 64 on the second floor of the Arcada.

We have arranged for Studio 64 to be our place to get together at the Arcada.

Studio 64

This is a great place to get together with friends and shoot the breeze.

Many of you already have tickets. You are invited to the pre-party whether you have tickets or not.

Food in the Food Package will be Flatbreads, Meatballs, Salad, etc. unless people buck up a little extra. We will order off any of Ron’s menus.

Drink Package

You need to pick from the options above and then check out. Thank you!