Television director – responsible for directing the overall production, including cameras, replays and inserts

Television producers – responsible for the overall running of the production, liaising with talent and choosing when to take commercial breaks

Technical director (also known as a vision mixer) – operates the vision mixer, switching the video sources, including graphics, to air as directed[15]

Production assistant (also known as a script supervisor) – responsible for communicating with the broadcast channel about timings, counting in and out of breaks, and giving timings on replays and packages[16]

Assistant producers – often there will be an assistant producer who will be the communication link between the director and the VTR crew, providing information on which channel has the best replay of a certain moment for example[16]

Graphics Operator and Graphics Coordinator – There are a wide range of digital on-screen graphic elements used in television production.[17][18]


Vision mixer – switch between multiple video feeds to produce an easy-to-watch television experience.

Video monitor – monitor different routable sources on multiple monitors to help select which feed is the best at any given time.

Character generator – used to generate a variety of graphics that can be keyed over a video source.