VTR- Video Tape Recorder


The VTR area has a collection of machines including video servers and may also house additional power supplies or computer equipment. The “tape room” has VTR operators who monitor one or more cameras that go into machines and can be played back for replays when an exciting or important play occurs during the game. These operators can play back in slow motion or pause to show a key part of the action. VTR operators also play replay rollouts that lead into commercial breaks, run title sequences and introductory clips, or show the highlights of the event at the end of play.[20]

This area is often called “EVS”, after prominent supplier EVS Broadcast Equipment, who make replay machines and associated software.


Video Tape Operator (also known as LSM Operator or EVS Operator) – The Tape Operators control the recording equipment, nowadays video servers, that receive the video from the various cameras. They coordinate with the Director on playing back pre-recorded video, and other replays of action they recorded.[16][21]


Video server – used to record, store and play back video clips (and sometimes visual effects) used during the broadcast

Video tape recorder – previously used to record, store and play back video[22]