HLS Content Protection

iMedia’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol segments media files for optimization during streaming- and enables media players to play segments with the highest quality resolution supported by their network connection during playback.

iMediaTV.net encrypts segments of a streamed media file, sends the encrypted segments over the Internet, and decrypts them upon playback. This protects the media content and ensures that only authorized users can view the encrypted segments of the media files.

Summary of the playback process of a media file with iMedia’s HLS content protection:

1.            An iMediaTV.net user authenticates with one of our web servers.

2.            User loads a iMediaTV.net player.

3.            Player fetches master playlist from the content delivery network (CDN), with available bit rates and resolutions for the media file.

4.           iMediaTV.net validates user authorization to view content, and returns the data decryption key.

5.           Player chooses a variant playlist and fetches the associated media segments from the CDN.

6.           Player uses the data key to decrypt segments, and begins playing the media.